Using sealant will provide your pavers with enhanced protection against bad weather, sea breeze, swimming pool water and foot traffic. The sealer will also enhance the lifespan of the pavers allowing you to keep them for many years beyond its natural element.

Sealing before installation is also recommended if the site is not clean or grouting is going to take place. Pavers are made from cement and hence unsealed pavers may react with cement and change the color of the pavers.


·        Firstly you have to make sure that the paving surface is completely free of dirt, dust and debris.

·        Once the area is clean, the process can begin. You should apply the sealant to the paver by using a roller or brush.

·        The first coat should consist of two layers, the first to determine absorbsion and the second has to be applied before the first dries.

·        It also has to be brushed or rolled in a north-south direction and be applied in separate sections.

·        Naturally the surface will take 2-3 hours to dry.

·        If you were to apply a third coat (recommended), a minimum waiting period of 4 hours is recommended.

·        For the third coat application, you should roll or brush in an east-west direction and also be applied in separate sections.

·        Once sealing is complete there should be no foot traffic allowed on the pavers for a minimum of 24 hours and 2-3 days before allowing heavy traffic such as vehicles etc on the pavers. This is to allow complete curing and achieve maximum protection.