We supply the best quality paving slabs in the western cape at the most affordable price. The size that we manufacture are:

  • 600x600x45 (smooth)
  • 600x300x45 (smooth)
  • 300x300x45 (smooth)
  • 400x400x45 (textured)
  • 400x400x35 (textured)
  • 400x200x45 (textured)
  • 200x200x45 (textured)
  • 100x100x45 (textured)

We offer two different thickness (35mm and 45mm) for all our 400×400 products. The thickness is dependent on the customer’s needs. Generally, to save on costs the 35mm can be used for low traffic areas, such as swimming pool areas. For higher weight application such as areas with a lot of traffic, heavy furniture, driveways (needs a solid foundation) etc. the 45mm has to be used. It is important to bare in mind that the 45mm will always be a safer and better option.

The cement pavers that our company offers come in six different colours. Naming Charcoal, Kalahari, Sandstone desert, Terracotta, Arizona and Amazon.

The concrete paving slabs are all handmade with a estimated concrete strength of about 20 Mpa.

Product specifications

Size of Pavers Units of measurement Units per meter Weight (kg)
600×600 EACH 2.78 36
600×300 EACH 5.55 18
300X300 EACH 11.1 9
400×400 EACH 6.25 16
 400×200 EACH 12.5  8
 200×200 EACH 25 4
100×100 EACH 100 1