Paving and stones
Paving Slabs
100x100 Cobbles
Pool coping
Pool Coping

We have a range of product available at our warehouse such as Driveway Paving, Patio Paving, Stepping stone, Cobbles and Coping for around the pool. They come in different sizes and textures. Below are the different size that we manufacture at our factory in Epping 2:

  • 600x600x45 (fully smooth)
  • 600x300x45 (fully smooth)
  • 300x300x45 (fully smooth)
  • 400x400x35 (slate texture)
  • 400x400x45 (slate texture)
  • 400x200x45 (slate texture)
  • 200x200x45 (slate texture)
  • 100x100x45 (slate texture